Frequently Asked Questions

How will this change my career path?

The CMEA provides a framework and pathway for TRB teacher registration and further independent accreditation aligned with the AITSL standards. Under this agreement, teachers will be supported to achieve TRB registration, and then gain additional AITSL benchmarked accreditation in order to progress along a desired career path or for further salary progression.

Importantly, under the agreement, teachers will be refunded the application costs upon successful completion of their accreditation. Additionally, teacher competency for “in class” promotional positions will be independently assessed by an accredited authority.

Will it change my income?

The agreement provides a generous salary increase of a minimum of 8% over the life of the agreement and provides for teachers, who aren’t at the top of the scale, to be advantaged by the transition to a new scale.

What does it mean for my school and my students?

We want to be leaders, not followers and the CMEA is breaking new ground in the education space. Setting the standard for all teachers to achieve AITSL aligned recognition is a precedent of which our teachers and school community can be proud and will further improve educational outcomes for students.

When is it happening?

All information related to the ballot will be released by Friday, November 23.

Stronger, Together

This progressive agreement allows us to come together as one in our pursuit of excellence in Christ-centred education. For the first time in Tasmania, we have the opportunity to break away from other independent schools and create a new pathway of excellence where faith is at the core. There is strength in our unity for each other and our community.